Woodland Whimsy: Bringing the Outdoors In through Nature-Inspired Design

Woodland Whimsy: Bringing the Outdoors In through Nature-Inspired Design

Snuggling Up to Nature’s Enchantment

When I think of Christmas, a few things pop instantly into my mind – classic red and green, sitting inside by the fire with my nearest and dearest, positioning the nativity scene just so, and sleigh bells jingling. However, as I was looking at all our holiday goodies this year, I realized I wanted to do something a bit different. Something that reflects the changes this year has brought for me.

Like many families, we’ve been spending even more time outside, and this has given me a newfound appreciation for the beauty of nature and the simplistic joy and wonder it brings. The visuals team and I already had our sights set on a nature-inspired look, but with my growing fondness for the great outdoors, I thought a woodland-inspired theme was just the right look to greet you when you enter through our front doors.

This woodland wonderland is filled with a multitude of organic textures – from fur to carved wood to soft, supple leather. I love how the hard and soft mix to create a display that makes you feel like you’ve stumbled upon a hidden forest. We used a variety of pinecones that range from natural to glitter-dusted for a bit of sparkle and glamour. A touch of glitter makes me think of the day’s last sun rays kissing the snow at dusk.

Embracing Nature’s Neutral Beauty

The color palette for this look is very neutral and simple, with a variety of brown, sage, and white making up the bulk of the display. However, we used pillows and some whimsical red cardinal ornaments to bring a pop of surprise. I like to think that these little birdies are here to keep the plush squirrels and owls a bit of company. The mixture of the ornament hues and textures creates a beautiful design that is a touch rustic and full of winter magic.

This is a look that has the unique ability to last through the winter season without being too Christmas-focused. Since our reindeer aren’t Rudolph and there is neither an elf nor Santa in sight, this display can take you into the post-holiday season without a hassle. It’s a nature-inspired design that can be enjoyed long after the last ornament has been packed away.

Bringing the Outdoors In: A Year-Round Delight

As I mentioned, my newfound appreciation for the great outdoors has really shaped my design choices this year. I find myself drawn to the organic beauty and simplicity of nature, and I want to incorporate that feeling into our store and into our customers’ homes. Timber Building has always been a place where we celebrate the natural world, and this woodland-inspired theme is the perfect way to do that.

One of the things I love most about this design is how it can be adapted and enjoyed throughout the entire winter season. While it has a distinctly festive feel, the neutral color palette and natural elements mean it can transition seamlessly from Christmas to New Year’s to the long winter months beyond. I can easily see this woodland wonderland inspiring customers to bring a touch of nature’s enchantment into their own homes, whether they’re decorating for the holidays or simply seeking to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

Crafting Enchantment with Natural Textures

The textures and materials we’ve used in this display are truly what bring the whole thing to life. From the soft, plush fabrics to the rustic carved wood, every element has been carefully selected to evoke a sense of warmth and wonder. And of course, we couldn’t have a woodland-inspired design without the ever-popular pinecone.

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve used a variety of pinecones, ranging from natural to glitter-dusted, to add that perfect touch of sparkle and glamour. Pinecones are such a versatile and charming natural element, and they pair beautifully with the other textures we’ve incorporated, like the soft leather and the carved wooden accents.

But it’s not just the materials themselves that make this display so enchanting – it’s the way they’ve been combined and curated. The juxtaposition of hard and soft, rough and smooth, creates a sense of balance and harmony that’s simply captivating. I love how the display feels like a hidden forest, just waiting to be discovered.

Embracing the Wonder of Winter

As much as I adore the classic red and green of traditional Christmas decor, there’s something to be said for embracing the more muted, natural tones of the winter season. This woodland-inspired theme allows us to do just that, while still capturing the magic and wonder of the holidays.

The use of sage, brown, and white creates a calming, serene palette that invites you to slow down and savor the moment. It’s a look that’s equal parts cozy and captivating, with just the right amount of whimsy and charm.

And let’s not forget the cardinal ornaments! These little bursts of red are the perfect way to add a touch of festive flair without going overboard. They bring a sense of warmth and liveliness to the display, like the last embers of a fire flickering in the twilight.

Bringing Nature’s Beauty Home

As I look around our woodland wonderland, I can’t help but feel inspired to bring a little bit of this natural magic into my own home. And I know our customers will feel the same way. Woodland-inspired decor has the power to transport us, to make us feel connected to the great outdoors even when we’re cozied up inside.

Whether it’s through the use of natural materials, the incorporation of organic shapes and textures, or the celebration of the winter season’s subtle beauty, this woodland-inspired theme is a wonderful way to create a sense of warmth, wonder, and connection in any space. And isn’t that what the holidays (and really, every day) are all about?

So as you step through our doors and find yourself enveloped in this enchanting woodland wonderland, I hope you’ll be inspired to bring a little bit of that magic home with you. Because when you surround yourself with the beauty of nature, even the chilliest of winter days can feel like a cozy, whimsical adventure.


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