Upcycled Whiskey Barrel Planters

Upcycled Whiskey Barrel Planters

The Whiskey Barrel Revelation

You know you’re a rare sort when you see your neighbor has set out trash containing old wood and metal, and your pulse quickens. That’s exactly what happened to me one day as I was driving down the street with my daughter, practicing for her driving test. I gasped and immediately called my husband, urging him to go grab those discarded treasures.

“They’re broken,” he replied. I just tsked and said, “And…?” With that in mind, I set out to create something truly special from this seemingly useless junk.

Crafting Upcycled Whiskey Barrel Totes

Truth be told, there were two of these old whiskey barrels set out for the trash. One wasn’t in as great of shape as the other, but I knew I could work with it. The other barrel looked fair enough that I could plant my oregano in it. As I’ve always said, there’s nothing better than fresh greens and herbs straight from your own yard.

I decided to tackle the more dilapidated barrel first. With a good whack of my hammer, I busted out the rotting bottom, and it fell apart easily. Now, some may have looked at that pile of wood and metal and seen nothing but trash, but to me, it was trashure. Not only did the staves have beautiful, weathered wood, but those rusty rings – oh, yes, those were just the touch of character I was looking for.

After sorting through the pieces, I had an idea in mind. I wanted to create as many totes as I could from these upcycled whiskey barrel materials. First, I grabbed some scrap wood left over from a previous project and got to work measuring the staves. I used my circular saw and miter saw to cut them down to size, proving that you don’t need a huge arsenal of power tools to get the job done.

Once I had the pieces cut, I used my drill to pre-drill holes and attach the staves to my scrap wood to form the tote bodies. Next, I turned my attention to the metal rings, using a metal-cutting blade on my jigsaw to slice them in half and create the perfect handles.

Bringing in the Barrel Ring Art

But I wasn’t done yet! I had one more ring that I wanted to put to good use. Rather than building another tote, I decided to get a bit more creative. I traced the inside of the barrel ring onto a piece of scrap plywood, set my jigsaw at a 15-degree angle, and cut a slightly tapered circle to fit snugly into the ring.

The unique and rustic charm these barrels add to any outdoor space is one of the reasons why they have become so popular. I wanted to capitalize on that charm, so I set up my circular saw to make a shallow cut across the circle, creating a fun, planking effect.

The result? A one-of-a-kind piece of barrel ring art, full of character and that beloved weathered patina. I absolutely adore the way it turned out – rustic, yet refined. It’s the perfect addition to my timber-focused home.

Showcasing the Upcycled Totes

With my projects complete, I was thrilled to share my creations. The four upcycled whiskey barrel totes I made come in two larger sizes, perfect for holding firewood or even serving as a unique planter. I intentionally flipped each stave to give them a charming, woven effect.

Tote Size Suggested Uses
Larger Totes Firewood storage, planters
Medium Tote Gathering flowers, centerpiece

And let’s not forget the medium-sized tote, which I’ve been using to gather some of the cheeriest sunflowers from my garden. Honestly, I think they look like they’re perpetually smiling – the perfect accent for my rustic-inspired space.

Embracing the Trashure Mindset

I hope I’ve inspired you to see the potential in what others might consider trash. With a little creativity and elbow grease, you can transform even the most unassuming materials into something truly special. After all, that’s the whole essence of the trashure mindset – recognizing that what may seem like junk to some can actually be the foundation for something beautiful and unique.

So, the next time you spot an old, discarded whiskey barrel on the curb, don’t let it pass you by. Grab it, bring it home, and let your imagination run wild. Who knows what kind of upcycled treasures you might create? The possibilities are endless when you embrace the trashure lifestyle.


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