Small Bathroom Design With Space-Saving Wood Vanities

Small Bathroom Design With Space-Saving Wood Vanities

Turning a Tiny Bathroom Into a Spacious Oasis

When my husband and I bought our forever home in Vermont, one of the first spaces we knew we needed to tackle was the small, outdated bathroom. With its cramped layout and dated decor, it felt more like a closet than a relaxing retreat. But as DIY enthusiasts, we were determined to transform this tiny space into a functional and stylish oasis – all on a budget.

As I began researching small bathroom design ideas, one solution kept catching my eye: a custom wood vanity. Not only would a handcrafted vanity add a rustic-chic aesthetic, but it could also help maximize the limited square footage. After scouring the web for inspiration, I stumbled upon the perfect project on Lemon Thistle. With a few modifications to fit our specific needs, I knew this was the answer to our small bathroom woes.

Designing the Perfect Vanity

My first step was to carefully measure the available space in our bathroom. I wanted to ensure the vanity would fit snugly without crowding the rest of the room. After taking precise dimensions, I started sketching out my vision – a compact, freestanding design with a shelf for storage and just enough room for a vessel sink.

As a self-proclaimed DIY enthusiast, I was excited to tackle this project myself. But I also knew I’d need some help, so I enlisted the expertise of my dad. Together, we pored over the detailed tutorial on Lemon Thistle, taking note of the necessary materials and tools. With a Kreg Jig in hand, we set out to build our very own custom wood vanity.

A Rustic Retreat in Just One Day

The beauty of this particular vanity design is that it can be completed in a single day – perfect for a busy DIYer like myself. We started by cutting the wood to size, using the handy measurements provided in the Lemon Thistle tutorial. Then, with the Kreg Jig, we quickly assembled the frame, creating a sturdy, yet space-saving foundation.

As we worked, I couldn’t help but admire the warm, rustic aesthetic of the unfinished wood. I knew this vanity would be the perfect complement to the cozy, farmhouse-inspired style I had in mind for the rest of the bathroom. With a little sanding and a clear coat of protection, our custom creation was starting to take shape.

Maximizing Every Square Inch

One of the biggest challenges of designing a small bathroom is making the most of the limited space. But the Lemon Thistle vanity was the perfect solution, offering both storage and a sleek, streamlined look. The open shelf beneath the sink provided the perfect spot to stash our towels, toiletries, and other essentials, while the compact footprint kept the room feeling airy and inviting.

As I stepped back to admire our handiwork, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride. This vanity wasn’t just a functional addition to our bathroom – it was a reflection of our hard work, creativity, and determination to transform this once-cramped space. And with a total cost of under $300, it was a budget-friendly win as well.

Bringing the Whole Room Together

With the custom wood vanity in place, it was time to tackle the rest of the bathroom renovation. Taking inspiration from the rustic-chic aesthetic of the vanity, I set out to create a cohesive, cozy atmosphere throughout the space.

I knew that tile would be key to tying the room together, so I turned to Angie’s Roost for some budget-friendly tips. After scouring the aisles at Home Depot, I settled on classic white subway tiles for the walls and floor. Not only did this timeless choice complement the vanity perfectly, but it also proved to be an affordable option that I could tackle myself.

As I moved on to the finishing touches – hanging a statement shower curtain, adding vintage-inspired accessories, and even DIYing a custom shelving unit – I couldn’t help but marvel at the transformation. What was once a cramped, uninviting bathroom had become a cozy retreat that felt tailored just for us.

A Small Bathroom Makeover That’s Big on Style

Looking back on our small bathroom renovation, I’m amazed at what we were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time and on a modest budget. By focusing on space-saving solutions like the custom wood vanity and DIY tile work, we were able to create a bathroom that feels both functional and visually striking.

And the best part? This project has inspired us to tackle the rest of the bathrooms in our timber-framed home with the same level of creativity and determination. Who knows what other hidden gems we’ll uncover as we continue to breathe new life into our forever home?

So if you’re facing the challenge of a tiny, outdated bathroom, don’t be discouraged. With a little elbow grease, a dash of DIY know-how, and the right space-saving solutions, you can transform even the most cramped quarters into a stylish and functional oasis. And who knows – you might just surprise yourself along the way.


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