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11 March, 2010
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The new KVH technical guide

New guide outlines KVH structural timber
Published:  24 February, 2010

A new technical guide to KVH structural timber has been produced.

The KVH Monitoring Group’s publication on the material, which has a 45-50% share of the German structural timber market, is aimed at architects, planners and anyone involved in the timber trade and woodworking industries.

“Technical Information KVH, DUO/TRIO laminated beams” outlines the production of KVH, as well as its technical characteristics, applications and product sizes/specifications.

KVH is either spruce, pine, fir, larch or Douglas fir, which is visually or mechanically sorted and cut either with separate hearts or heart-free, with planing after drying to ensure dimensional stability.

The product is S10 graded (equivalent to C24) and must be dried to 15% moisture content (+/- 3%) and true to size, with availability in standard lengths up to 13m due to finger-jointing and in two different finishes – Si for visible elements and Nsi for hidden elements.

The KVH Monitoring Group, which together with the Confederation of German Master Carpenters regulates a uniform product specification, says dimensional stability equals +/-1mm over the cross-sectional height and width, while modulus of elasticity is 11,600N/mm2.

KVH imports to the UK have been small so far, but companies shipping the material include Ante-Holz, Gelo, Rettenmeier, Eugen Decker and Stora Enso Deutschland Gmbh.

For an English version of the new guide visit www.kvh.eu

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