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18 January, 2010
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A WeberHaus closed panel house being erected in England

German closed panel timber frame production comes to UK
Published:  26 October, 2009

German timber frame house manufacturer WeberHaus has teamed up with Scotframe to bring the production of fully closed panels to the UK.

Scotframe, which has been granted an exclusive UK production licence agreement by the German company, is to relocate to larger premises in Scotland in order to make the WeberHaus product alongside its own regular timber frame system.

The WeberHaus product features closed panels incorporating windows, doors, insulation, electrical and plumbing. WeberHaus and Scotframe say they are not aware of any other closed panel timber frame product  of this type currently being manufactured in the UK.

The new factory will based near Scotframe’s current site in Cumbernauld, with manufacture of the WeberHaus panels commencing by March/April next year.

“This is an important strategic move for WeberHaus, as well as for Scotframe, making us more competitive in the UK as well as underpinning our activity in both the development and end user markets,” said WeberHaus UK director Ken Tod. 

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