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Timber Building Summer 08
Published:  18 January, 2009

Kingspan reported 33% year-on-year growth in its offsite division last year

Offsite on message

Offsite manufacturing is set to grow, and that's good news for timber. Keren Fallwell reports

Published:  22 August, 2008

Components are individually marked

Shade and light

Robin Dodyk of Oregon Timber Frame found an intriguing mix of traditional and modern wood building techniques on a fact finding tour of Japanese construction. Anne McDonald reports

Published:  22 August, 2008

At Barge Arm, a lattice timber screen was used on the one-bedroom apartments

More than wallpaper

Edward Cullinan has established a strong reputation for building with timber. David Castle met two of its architects

Published:  22 August, 2008

The two nursery schools, which are variations on a visual theme, are light, airy and open, despite their relatively diminutive 250m2 footprint

Pre-school goes prefab

An Essex council made the switch to prefabricated timber panel construction for two nursery schools. Sally Spencer reports

Published:  22 August, 2008

“Normal” looking Super E homes built for Downlands Housing Association

Super E aims higher

Five hundred Super E homes have been completed in the UK, but now the programme is aiming still higher with its EQuilibrium housing concept. Stephen Powney reports

Published:  22 August, 2008

The Richmond Oval will host the 2010 Winter Olympics speed skating events

Olympian effort

The Richmond Oval’s massive timber roof is a prime example of how timber can be used in international arenas. David Pittman reports

Published:  22 August, 2008

The new park authority headquarters may use traditional materials, but it is set out on a very non-traditional shallow ‘S’ shape Photo: Renzo Mazzolini

How green is my glen?

The new HQ of the Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park Authority demonstrates the potential of green timber construction, writes Peter Wilson, architect and director of business development at Napier University’s Centre for Timber Engineering

Published:  22 August, 2008

Exterior view of Kevin McCloud’s house at the Grand Designs Live exhibition

Building by numbers

The Facit building system employs digital technology to produce bespoke houses made from prefabricated timber cassettes. David Castle reports

Published:  22 August, 2008

Wolseley's Sustainable Building Center is built from 107 of the company's 7,000 sustainable products

Sexily sustainable

Wolseley’s new eco-building products showcase is designed to tune the UK in, and turn it on, to sustainable construction. Mike Jeffree reports

Published:  22 August, 2008