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The UKTFA has launched several initiatives to protect building sites from arson and accidental fire

Seeing through the media smoke

The UK Timber Frame Association is addressing site safety concerns in the wake of recent fires on timber frame building sites. Chairman Geoff Arnold explains

Published:  03 November, 2010

Figure 1: estimated percentage of GHG emissions for different stages in the construction life cycle

Carbon counting

TRADA Technology research officer Miles Brown argues that timber can play a significant role in helping the government reach its energy targets

Published:  03 November, 2010

The timescale of weathering can be somewhat unpredictable

Surface treatment

TRADA Technology’s senior technical consultant and surface defacement specialist Peter Kaczmar discusses the interim results of a TRADA research project into the causes of discolouration of external cladding

Published:  03 November, 2010

Nottingham University students build the H.O.U.S.E. at Ecobuild in March

Academic hot house

The all-timber, solar-powered H.O.U.S.E. points to the future of eco-home design in more ways than one. Mike Jeffree reports

Published:  09 July, 2010

For the TRADA study, sequestration is considered to be the most important factor

Carbon profit and loss

TRADA membership & marketing manager Rupert Scott discusses a new study designed to quantify the carbon footprint of different timber species

Published:  25 March, 2010

A gap opening on a woodstrip floor

Wood flooring – issues and solutions

TRADA flooring specialist Peter Kaczmar offers solutions to five wood flooring issues that crop up all too often

Published:  25 March, 2010

Figure 1: adding insulated plasterboard

Figure 2: adding battens and insulation internally

Warm front

Robin Lancashire, head of TRADA Technology’s building performance section, outlines how to improve the thermal performance of existing timber frame walls

Published:  24 March, 2010

TRADA can offer guidance on restarting work on a stalled timber frame project

Wind-damaged breather membrane has been torn away, exposing plywood to the elements

Restarting timber frame projects

Robin Lancashire, Head of TRADA Technology’s Building Performance Section, discusses the options available to contractors when timber or timber-based products have wetted up during stalled builds

Published:  18 February, 2010

Connection detail at Portcullis House, Westminster, London

3.8a N-truss with lapped members through-bolted

Making the connection

TRADA president Peter Ross is co-author of Timber in Contemporary Architecture – a designer’s guide published last month to mark TRADA’s 75th anniversary. In this extract from the book, he examines metal connections

Published:  18 February, 2010

Treatments, like Arch's Dricon FR, have been developed to minimise timber frame fire risk during the vulnerable construction stage when the wood is exposed

Treatments take the heat out of fire risk concerns

Demand for fire retardants is growing. David Castle reports

Published:  12 February, 2010

Arch’s Dricon is used on interior cladding at St Anne’s church in Belfast

Treated to last

Evolving preservative treatments enable timber to be used in ever more challenging applications. David Castle reports

Published:  12 February, 2010

The Comfort and Cost report is based on latest technical research for the timber industry by ESD and Buro Happold

The cost of comfort

A new report commissioned by the UKTFA and wood for good provides guidance on CSH compliance. Liz Male reports

Published:  12 February, 2010

Plato Wood is a thermally-treated hardwood

Improving on nature?

Dr Andy Pitman, TRADA Technology’s head of construction technical services, reviews some of the advantages of using modified wood products over standard timber

Published:  11 February, 2010

Dulux Trade had assistance from Forum for the Future when it developed its Ecosure range

Green is the colour

Wood finish and paint suppliers say specifiers should not avoid their products on environmental grounds. Mike Jeffree reports

Published:  29 June, 2009

Unfinished wood can suffer iron staining from pollutants such as brake dust and exhausts in close proximity

Wood Awards 2007 Gold Winner Formby Pool is an excellent example of unfinished cladding

A coat of many colours

TRADA consultant architect Patrick Hislop RIBA discusses the pros and cons of applying a finish to wood cladding or leaving the wood to weather naturally

Published:  08 August, 2008

Doors in older properties are almost exclusively timber but none will have been designed as a fire door when installed

A fire in a heritage building can mean irretrievable loss

Preserving our heritage

Peter Barker, head of consultancy at TRADA sister company Chiltern International Fire, discusses the particular fire safety issues posed by heritage buildings

Published:  08 August, 2008

Normal MDF creates 'flashover' in less than seven minutes

Biljmer Arena is the first Dutch railway station to use timber in the roof

The burning question

The timber industry has taken important steps to develop fire protection systems. David Pittman reports

Published:  08 August, 2008

There are companies specialising in the repair of historic windows

Surviving the test of time

With proper repair and maintenance historic wood windows can have a long life. TRADA consultant architect Patrick Hislop RIBA explains

Published:  23 February, 2008

Work on the ship has been challenging but rewarding

Conservation under sail

A project to conserve the world’s last surviving tea clipper has had some interesting twists. Andy Pitman, manager of the Site-based Services Group at TRADA Technology reports

Published:  23 February, 2008

This house in Belgium has used oak flooring in the lounge

Warm to the touch

TRADA flooring expert Peter Kaczmar discusses the advantages of wooden flooring over underfloor heating

Published:  23 February, 2008

In-situ assessment is non-destructive

Restorative Powers

Dr John Williams, senior technical consultant with TRADA Technology, looks at how timber heritage structures can be repaired and restored

Published:  07 December, 2007

The Savill Building gridshell

Code of Honour

TRADA Technology Ltd consultant engineer Arnold Page, looks at Eurocode 5, the new rulebook for designing in timber

Published:  07 December, 2007

A modest terraced house in Hannover. The PassivHaus principles cover both new and upgraded buildings and residential, educational and commercial buildings

Passive action

UK housebuilders could learn from the German/Austrian PassivHaus standard, says TRADA codes and regulations consultant Rupert Scott

Published:  07 December, 2007

Engineered vertical louvres installed at King’s College in London

Strength in depth

Timbmet has developed a range of engineered components for joinery. David Pittman reports

Published:  07 December, 2007

Glasgow Harbour development

Maintenance matters

TRADA senior consultant architect Patrick Hislop RIBA discusses the practical advantages of metal cladding for timber windows

Published:  03 August, 2007

Timber frame – do not underestimate the value of training for everyone involved

Delivering excellence

Huel Twist, manager of the frameCHECK team at TRADA Technology, discusses best practice for timber frame construction, based on his presentation at TRADA’s recent In Touch with Timber conference

Published:  03 August, 2007

Windows must achieve A+ or possibly A ratings as defined in the new Green Guide

Fighting global warming

Rupert Scott, regulations & codes consultant for TRADA, discusses the Code for Sustainable Homes and what it means for designing in timber

Published:  03 August, 2007

The site is inspected on a regular basis, in accordance with the fire risk mitigation scheme

Good housekeeping

Timber frame still has a place in a 1,000-unit development, thanks to a scheme to reduce the risk of fire during construction. Sally Spencer reports

Published:  29 July, 2007

A typical cavity barrier

Fire drill

Timber frame structures will have no difficulty in meeting the new Approved Document B: Fire Safety of the Building Regulations which comes into force in April. TRADA frameCHECK engineer Rob Attwater explains

Published:  02 April, 2007

The Olivier Theatre, Bedales School, exterior Peter Ross

The genuine article

TRADA senior consultant architect Patrick Hislop RIBA discusses the growing popularity of green oak framing

Published:  02 April, 2007

Timber frame: a developing, cutting edge construction method

Cracking the Eurocode

Student Om Harris won the Scottish Timber Trade Association’s prize for the Best Timber Related Final Year Project at the Centre for Timber Engineering for his work on designing a medium-rise timber frame structure to Eurocode 5. Anne McDonald reports

Published:  02 April, 2007
How to pass the air tightness test

TRADA frameCHECK engineer Robin Lancashire discusses what to do – and what not to do – to pass the air tightness test for new buildings

Published:  02 April, 2007

Oak walkway at software company SAS Ltd headquarters near Marlow Brocklehurst architects ltd

All decked out

Timber decking continues to be popular in public and private applications. TRADA consultant architect Patrick Hislop RIBA examines trends and highlights points of good practice for design, installation and maintenance

Published:  10 December, 2006

Wood flooring can add so much to the interior of a building

Dry measure

TRADA’s flooring specialist Peter Kaczmar advises against an over-simplistic approach to moisture content when a wood floor has been specified

Published:  10 December, 2006

Reference to test evidence is essential when any alteration/addition to a fire doorset is suggested

Burning issues

The TRADA Helpline often deals with questions about fire doors. Andrew Forecast and Peter Barker respond to specifiers' Frequently Asked Questions about timber-based fire doorsets

Published:  23 October, 2006

Around two million windows are installed in the UK every year

Window on energy

The British Fenestration Rating Council has devised a simplified scheme to assess a window's energy rating. Andy Sumner, technical consultant at BM TRADA Certification, explains

Published:  23 October, 2006

Finnforest’s headquarters – located near Helsinki and the tallest wooden office structure in Europe – features 1,000m3 of ThermoWood sun-deflecting slats. It is also used in the building’s suspended ceilings

The change gang

Modified wood – using heat or chemicals – can provide new guarantees for the material’s performance. David Castle reports

Published:  23 October, 2006

The planting around the house provides protection from the summer sun and the colder winter weather

A case study in cladding

Paul Newman, site-based services manager of TRADA Technology, examines The Old Woodyard – an innovative timber frame building with rainscreen cladding – for technical merit and staying power

Published:  10 October, 2006

This European oak floor used in the Korean Gallery of the British Museum shows how modern wood flooring can be used successfully in a manner both sympathetic and complementary to the architectural style of the building

Floor plan

TRADA’s flooring specialist Peter Kaczmar discusses the fine balance between past and present in restoration and remedial work in historic buildings

Published:  20 July, 2006

The importance of proper site installation and the fitting and sealing of the joinery unit should not be overlooked

Window on joinery

TRADA Technology’s technical consultants are often called upon to inspect purpose-made joinery which is not performing to expectations. Paul Sharphouse highlights common problems noted on site inspections

Published:  20 July, 2006

The airtightness test process will include installing a template in the building’s envelope to hold the fans

The Big Issue

Mike Handley of Chiltern Dynamics explains that it is by no means difficult to pass the airtightness testing demanded by new Part L requirements – but good design is paramount

Published:  20 July, 2006

The Scottish Parliament reception desk uses Scottish sycamore and English oak

Keeping up appearances

Peter Wilson, director of business development at the Centre for Timber Engineering at Napier University, summarises a new publication designed to provide architects, specifiers and engineers with more user-friendly information on the appearance   grading of UK-grown hardwood

Published:  20 July, 2006

Timber frame has adapted easily to changes in acoustic requirements

Avoiding site frights

TRADA frameCHECK consultant Robin Lancashire discusses common problems that occur on site and how to avoid them

Published:  13 April, 2006

Timber elements should only be exposed, treated or replaced if there is good reason

Coming of age

Timbers in old, derelict buildings do not necessarily need to be replaced. TRADA Technology consultant Dr John Williams explains how to assess old timbers in situ and how best to preserve them

Published:  13 April, 2006

Kingspan TEK is supplying 550 units for the Lovell Partnership in Beswick, Manchester

Many a SIP

SIPs are being heralded as the next generation of timber building systems, principally because of their thermal performance. Stephen Powney reports on this emerging technology

Published:  13 April, 2006

JJ Smith’s open day attracted 110 visitors – a reflection of growing demand for timber frame

Tuning in to technology

Timber frame companies are tooling up to keep pace with demand, as Mike Jeffree discovered at a machine supplier’s open day

Published:  13 April, 2006