Get The Look: Blending Modern And Rustic With Wood

Get The Look: Blending Modern And Rustic With Wood

Mixing It Up: How I Found My Timber Building Passion

I’ll admit it – I used to be a total purist when it came to my design style. Rustic all the way, baby! Farmhouse this, shiplap that. If it didn’t have a worn, distressed finish and a hint of that vintage charm, I wanted no part of it. But then something happened – I discovered the clean, sleek lines of mid-century modern and I was instantly smitten.

It all started a few years back when I stumbled upon a stunning mid-century armchair while scrolling through my favorite vintage shop’s online listings. I’ll never forget the moment I laid eyes on it – the tapered wooden legs, the button-tufted leather upholstery, the overall minimalist elegance. I was head over heels, and before I knew it, that chair was winging its way to my doorstep.

As I shared on my blog, that chair was the start of a beautiful, if unexpected, design romance. Suddenly, I found myself craving the clean lines and unique shapes of mid-century modern pieces, but I just couldn’t bring myself to let go of my beloved rustic aesthetics. What’s a design-lover to do?

Striking the Perfect Balance

Well, my friends, I decided to do what any self-respecting interior design enthusiast would do – I blended the two styles together to create a look that was all my own. And let me tell you, the results were nothing short of stunning.

In our last home, I had a total blast mixing modern and rustic elements in every single room. In the kitchen, for example, I paired sleek, stainless steel shelving and a contemporary range hood with beadboard walls and a rugged, live-edge island. The contrast was utterly captivating – the modern touches provided a nice counterbalance to the more traditional, farmhouse-inspired elements.

As I mentioned on my blog, I also had a lot of fun mixing and matching furniture styles in other rooms. A mid-century modern armchair here, a weathered kilim rug there, and a rustic, antler-adorned light fixture to tie it all together. It was a deliberate, well-thought-out blend of old and new, and I absolutely loved the way it turned out.

But why stop there? When we moved into our current home, I made it my mission to bring that same harmonious fusion of modern and rustic into every single space. And let me tell you, it’s been an absolute blast putting it all together.

A Glimpse into My Timber-Filled Haven

Want a sneak peek at how I’m blending these two beloved styles in our new abode? Well, pull up a chair (preferably a mid-century modern one, if you’ve got it) and let me give you the grand tour.

As soon as you step through the front door, you’re greeted by a warm, wooden accent wall – the perfect rustic touch to balance out the bright, airy vibe of the rest of the space. I just had to include a DIY wood plank accent wall – it adds so much cozy texture and character, don’t you think?

But I didn’t stop there. Throughout the house, you’ll find a carefully curated mix of modern and rustic elements – think sleek, mid-century modern armchairs paired with weathered, vintage-inspired end tables, or a contemporary marble coffee table topped with a wooden bowl and a chunky, knit throw. It’s all about striking that perfect balance between the clean, straightforward lines of modern design and the warm, lived-in vibe of rustic style.

And let’s not forget the finishing touches, either. I’ve been having a total blast incorporating artistic, abstract wall hangings, buffalo check textiles, and even the occasional distressed candle holder to really drive the point home. It’s a delicate dance, but when you get it right, the result is nothing short of magic.

Bringing It All Together

So, what’s the secret to successfully blending modern and rustic styles in your own home? Well, my friends, it all comes down to finding the right pieces and striking the perfect balance.

Start by taking a good, hard look at your existing decor. What elements do you love the most – the rustic wood tones, the clean lines of modern furniture, or maybe a little bit of both? Use that as your jumping-off point and begin building your vision from there.

Next, don’t be afraid to mix and match. Pair that sleek, mid-century modern sofa with a chunky, knit throw and a vintage-inspired end table. Or hang a modern, abstract piece of art above a rustic, wood-paneled accent wall. The key is to create a harmonious blend of old and new, without letting one style completely overwhelm the other.

And when it comes to those all-important finishing touches, don’t be afraid to get a little playful. Incorporate natural elements like antlers or wooden bowls to add that rustic flair, but balance them out with contemporary accents like sculptural candle holders or bold, abstract prints. It’s all about finding that sweet spot where modern and rustic coexist in perfect harmony.

So, are you ready to take your timber building and woodworking projects to the next level? Head on over to our website and start exploring the endless possibilities of blending modern and rustic styles with wood. Trust me, the results will be nothing short of stunning.


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