Building a Potting Bench for Gardeners

Building a Potting Bench for Gardeners

The Potting Bench: Your Gardening Companion

As a dedicated gardener, I know the importance of having a designated workspace to tend to your plants and seedlings. Enter the humble potting bench – the unsung hero of the gardening world. This sturdy, multipurpose piece of furniture is your one-stop shop for all your gardening needs, from potting up new plants to storing your tools and supplies.

Choosing the Perfect Potting Bench

When it comes to selecting a potting bench, the options are as diverse as the plants in your garden. Do you want a traditional wooden design, or something a bit more modern and sleek? Would you prefer a bench with built-in storage, or a simpler, minimalist approach? The key is to choose a design that not only fits your gardening style but also your available space.

The Spruce offers a wealth of free potting bench plans, each with its own unique features. From a 60-inch-long behemoth with a narrow top shelf and two larger work surfaces to a compact, pallet-based design, there’s something to suit every gardener’s needs. And don’t forget to check out the Lowe’s potting bench plan, complete with a slide-out bin for extra storage.

Bringing Your Potting Bench to Life

Once you’ve settled on the perfect potting bench design, it’s time to put your DIY skills to the test. Don’t be intimidated – with the right tools and a little bit of patience, you can easily transform a pile of lumber into a handsome and functional gardening companion.

This video tutorial from the DIY experts at The Family Handyman is a great place to start. They’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of building a sturdy cedar potting bench, complete with two small shelves and two large work surfaces. And the best part? No complex joints required, making it a relatively easy build for even the most novice DIYer.

Customizing Your Potting Bench

Once your potting bench is built, the real fun begins – customizing it to suit your unique gardening needs. Maybe you want to add a few hooks to hang your gloves and trowels, or a small tray for holding seed packets and plant labels. Or perhaps you’d like to incorporate a wire mesh screen à la the Sunset Magazine potting bench, providing a handy place to store your tools without cluttering the work surface.

Don’t be afraid to get creative! Sadie Seasongoods has a clever upcycling project that transforms an old dresser drawer into a portable potting station. Or, if you’re short on space, consider the Flaming Petal potting bench, which can be built in just 8 steps.

Stocking Your Potting Bench

With your custom-built potting bench in place, it’s time to stock it with all the essentials. Start by gathering your gardening tools – trowels, pruners, gloves, and the like – and arrange them within easy reach. Don’t forget to include a few small containers for holding seed packets, plant tags, and other odds and ends.

Next, make room for your potting supplies. Bags of soil, compost, and mulch can be stashed on the lower shelves, while your favorite pots, trays, and flats can be neatly displayed on the top surface. And don’t forget to leave some space for your current projects, whether it’s repotting a houseplant or starting a new batch of seedlings.

A Gardener’s Oasis

With your custom-built potting bench in place, you’ll be well on your way to creating a true gardener’s oasis. Imagine the satisfaction of tending to your plants in a dedicated workspace, surrounded by all the tools and materials you need to keep your garden thriving.

And let’s not forget the added benefit of having a designated spot to display your beautiful blooms and leafy greens. As you arrange your newest plant babies on the potting bench, you’ll feel a sense of pride and accomplishment – a true reflection of the hard work and love you’ve poured into your garden.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to your local timber building and woodworking supplier and start crafting your dream potting bench. Your plants (and your back) will thank you.


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